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New Jersey Lottery
New Jersey Lottery

Revenue Recipients

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New Jersey Lottery Benefits Education and Institutions

State of New Jersey
Programs Supported by State Lottery Resources
for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2017

(a) (Amounts Expressed in Thousands)


Department of Agriculture
School Nutrition $3,147

Department of Education
Non-public School Aid $48,494
Statewide Assessment Program $14,324
Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf $3,694

Total Department of Education


Higher Educational Services
Senior Public Institutions $392,118
Tuition Aid Grants $226,284
Higher Education Capital Improvement Program $32,864
Opportunity Program Grants $14,586
Higher Education Facilities Trust Funds $11,040
Supplementary Education Program Grants $7,177
Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarships (NJSTARS I & II) $3,871
Aid to Independent Colleges and Universities $561
Governor's Urban Scholarship Program $530

Total Higher Educational Services


Department of Human Services
Operation of State Psychiatric Hospitals $169,589
Operation of Centers for People with Developmental Disabilities $56,944

Total Department of Human Services


Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs
Operation of Homes for Disabled Soldiers


Total Revenue Realized - GAAP Basis


(a) The amount of State Lottery funding in the programs designated above, may only represent a portion of its total State funding.
Any balance of the appropriation for the program would be funded by the General Fund.