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    This Crossword ticket features seven (7) play areas. The player removes the scratch-off material to reveal the “YOUR 18 LETTERS” area, three (3) "CROSSWORD PUZZLE" grids and two (2) Bonus areas. The "YOUR 18 LETTERS" area will reveal eighteen (18) letters and each "CROSSWORD PUZZLE" grid will be eleven (11) spaces (high) by eleven (11) spaces (wide). The game is played by gently removing the scratch-off material on the "YOUR 18 LETTERS" play area. Then the player gently removes the scratch-off material on the corresponding letters in each of the "CROSSWORD PUZZLES." Players win by revealing 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 complete words in each "CROSSWORD PUZZLE." Players win a prize according to the respective prize legend. Players will scratch the Multiplier Box to reveal a 1X, 2X, or 5X symbol in the box and will multiply the prize they won by the X they reveal. Players can also win by revealing the complete "BONUS WORD" in either "BONUS" location to win $30 or $50. Each grid is played separately; players cannot combine words from each grid to win a prize amount. Wins in the “BONUS WORD” area cannot be used in conjunction with the main CROSSWORD PUZZLES’ PRIZE LEGEND. Players have five (5) chances to win on this ticket. A word must contain at least three letters. A word cannot be formed diagonally, from right to left or from bottom to top. Words must appear in an unbroken horizontal or vertical string of letters in each separate "CROSSWORD PUZZLE." An unbroken string of letters: (a) cannot be interrupted by a black space and (b) each word must contain every single letter square between two black spaces or a black space and the grid's border. Every single letter in the unbroken string must be revealed in the "YOUR 18 LETTERS" and be included to form a word.


    Approximately 2.4 million CROSSWORD BONANZA tickets are initially planned in this game. The New Jersey Lottery reserves the right to subsequently increase this quantity of tickets. Should additional tickets be introduced, prize levels and frequency of winning will be consistent with the initial quantity of tickets. In the CROSSWORD BONANZA Scratch-Offs Games, New Jersey allocates approximately 69% of the gross receipts, net of free tickets, to prizes. On the average, better than 1 ticket in 4 wins a prize. Odds and number of winners may vary based on sales, distribution and claims.


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