Anything can happen in Jersey.
New Jersey Lottery
New Jersey Lottery

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"In 2015, I was returning from my vacation in the Domincan Republic. That morning I left my room (#824), and headed to the airport. Upon arriving there I realized my flight number was flight 824, from Puerto Plata, to Newark, NJ. Immediately, being a Lottery guy, I knew once I landed in NJ I had to play me some Pick-3. And that I did, and you guessed it, 20x, I hit straight! Over $6k. Best hit ever!"
- Dennis

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"Started playing the lottery when the entry form was two sheets of paper with a sheet of carbon paper between them; you got to keep the carbon copy. Won $1,000 second prize in the NJ Lottery in 1995 which I used half of to buy two (2) $250 tickets to game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals, and with my son, was there to see the Devils win their first Stanley Cup.."
- Robert

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"My late husband hit 5 numbers on the Pick-6 twenty plus years ago. Thus allowing for the down payment of our home, in which I still reside! Anything can happen in Jersey!"
- Sylvia


“I just hit 4 out of 5 with a 4x multiplier (playing Jersey Cash 5), very exciting and a great way to end the year!"
- Robert


“I have been playing NJ Lottery for 20+ years. The most I ever won was $600. from a $5.00 wager on Jersey Cash 5. Not bad. I look forward to New games and always looking for the different kind."
- Amy


“Didn’t win millions, but one day my truck broke down, I just paid bills, and I was broke. My bf and I got a $20 scratchy, and we won $1,000 bucks! I was able to get my truck fixed! That day was like winning a million for me!"
- Nadina


“In January 1982, I won $100k in a Pick-6 bonus draw at the Meadowlands. It changed my life at that time. It would be great to win again!
PS. Hela announced me as the winner."
- Vince


“At the time I was out on worker's comp. I bought six $10 Scratch-Off tickets. I told my mom to pick two, I took two and I gave my brother the remaining two. As I was scratching, each game gave me a 2X, 3X, 5X, etc....each amount was $200, and they totaled $10000!!! I was shaking so bad that I thought I was having an attack!!! Came at the right time when cash was tight!!!"
- Bob

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