Anything can happen in Jersey.
New Jersey Lottery
New Jersey Lottery


Step up to the plate for a chance to win up to $1,000,000 with the new Hit Family of Scratch-Offs!

$20: Hit $2000!

$10: Hit $500!

$5: Hit $200!

$2: Hit $50!


…and don't forget to pick up the latest Scratch-Offs

These games are a HIT!

Take a swing at September's new Scratch-Offs for chance to win up to $1,000,000!
Check out the new September Scratch-Offs

New Scratch-Offs that are SHORE to please.

Take a chance on the new August Scratch-Offs! But maybe not Jerry's khakis technology
Check out the new August Scratch-Offs

Don't Get Stuck in the Sand.

With over $241 MILLION available in prizes, the July Scratch-Offs are making waves.
Check out the new July Scratch-Offs

Kevin Tested. Division Approved.

The team went to great depths to ensure these games are fun no matter how you play 'em!
Check out the new June Scratch-Offs

The Vault is Now Open

The team has unlocked the vault! And something tells us they'll have had enough of Jerry's harmonica…
Check out the new Precious Metals Scratch-Offs

Brightening the Holidays with Kevin!

Kevin joined the New Jersey Lottery Promotions Team and wished holiday shoppers a little luck this season with Scratch-Offs!
Meet the Promotions Team

'Tis the Season…for Joy & Prizes!

Kevin and Kathy would like to wish you a wonderful Holiday season filled with family, friends and prizes! Check out their light hearted poem as they introduce this season's brand new Holiday Scratch-Offs!
Check out the Joy and Prizes calendar

There's a Gingerbread Walkin'

Jerry's thinking outside the box again, and Kevin is ready to brighten your holiday with these brand-new Holiday Scratch-Offs!
So many options which will you choose?

The Voice® Will Never be the Same.

The next voice of our generation is a click away. So is this exciting Scratch-Offs game!
Check out the remaining prizes for The Voice®

Behind the Ball. Behind the Genius.

The last time you caught yourself giggling at the Scratch-Offs Division team, did you wonder about the zany minds who create the ad campaigns? Peek behind the ball and meet the cast and crew who make these iconic games come to life.

Licky (Lucky) 7s!

Sometimes the best ideas start from the bottom. Now we're here, and we aren't afraid to share an amazing new family of Scratch-Offs, and the journey to get there!
Check out the remaining prizes for Lucky 7s

Where do Scratch-Offs Come From?

A theatrical piano overlay and the answer to your burning question, where do Scratch-Offs come from?

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